1.1 Blanco Ranger District

Sheep returning from their summer grazing allotments

Heritage and tradition are a way of life on the Blanco Ranger District.

On the first part of your journey along the Byway, stop at the Blanco Ranger Station located at 220 East Market Street Meeker, CO to talk to a local employee about the area.

As you drive along the route, you may see a cow or two! Ranchers have permits to graze approximately 22,000 sheep and 5,000 head of cattle on the Blanco Ranger District. The animals travel to the forest in early summer and return in the fall, and is not uncommon to encounter herds moving along the Byway.

If you need to pass through a herd of livestock, please proceed slowly and cautiously. Don't worry, the cows will moo-ve over for you.