1.2 Trappers Lake, the “Cradle of Wilderness”

Welcome to the Cradle of Wilderness, where it all began.

In 1919, the Forest Service sent its first landscape architect, Arthur H. Carhart, to plan for summer homes and a road around Trappers Lake. Carhart completed the plan, but he recommended that the site remain in its natural state:

 “There are a number of places with scenic values of such great worth that they are rightfully the property of all people. They should be preserved for all time for the people of the Nation and the world. Trappers Lake is unquestionably a candidate for that classification.” -Arthur H. Carhart

Carhart succeeded in preventing the development of Trappers Lake, and his memorandum inspired the wilderness preservation movement that led to the passing of the Wilderness Act in 1964.

Besides taking in the natural beauty, here are a few activities to consider:

  • hiking or backpacking
  • fly fishing
  • stand-up paddle boarding on the lake
  • camping
  • bird watching
  • hunting (only in season)
  • snow shoeing

Campgrounds and restrooms are available here.