2.6 Are You Prepared?

Maroon Bells, photo donated by Vital Films

What do I need to bring?

We are glad you asked.

Here is a list of some essentials for day-trips to the Maroon Bells Scenic Area:

  • Camera!
  • Hat and Sunglasses
  • Sturdy walking/hiking shoes
  • Extra layers (it is chilly, even in the summer at high elevations)
  • Water (you will drink more than you expect)
  • Snacks/ Lunch (do not feed wildlife)

Local's Tip: Bring your flower and bird identification book in the summer! Remember to take only photos and leave only footprints... keep wildflowers in the ground and growing!

The Bells, it's a popular spot.

Here's what you should expect:

The Maroon Bells is a heavily traveled location so expect to share the space. There are daily informational tours that you can participate in, just check times at the Visitor Station where the bus drops off!

Dogs are allowed, but only on leashes.

Drones are not allowed.

This area teams with wildlife, make sure you keep your distance. Moose will charge when they feel threatened.

Cooler temperatures are a defining characteristic of the Bells, but summer weather does bring warmer temperatures. There are Forest Service rangers monitoring the area during the summer and early fall months, and are more than willing to assist you should you need it.

Expect to have your breath taken away by the beautiful Bells.