3.7 The Descent

The Descent:

When the time arises to leave keep in mind,making your way down the trail typically takes 40 minutes and don't forget to be mindful of your footing.


Picnic tables surround the area for a bite to eat or rest before you head on your way.

Heading West: Exit onto I-70 West

Heading East: Exit onto I-70 West until you reach Grizzly Creek (4.4 mi/ 7 km) rest area, where you can turn around and head east from there.

Logan showing off a harmless green snake that was found on the trail.

Watch your step on the way down! There are, most likely, hundreds of more people coming up the trail behind you. Leave it as you found it, so generations to come can continue to enjoy this special place.

Thank you for visiting your National Forest.