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  • 4. Lake Dillon

    The White River National Forest is the place to go.play.

    Lake Dillon is the recreational capital of Summit County, year round! The White River National Forest works hand in hand with local partners to manage this area, and trust us, there is plenty to do.

    Dillon Reservoir is 3,233 acres with 26.8 miles of shoreline, offering an ideal spot for fishing, boating, and sailing. The reservoir supports a healthy population of rainbow and brown trout, in addition to a few cutthroat finding their way into the lake from feeder streams.

    Opportunities for hiking and biking in this area include more than 7 paved miles of the 50-mile Summit County trail system.

    Did You Know? Dillon Reservoir is a man made body of water located in Summit County; bordering Frisco, Silverthorne, and Dillon. The Reservoir has a capacity of 257,304 acre ft. (1 acre ft. = 325,851 gal.). The purpose of the reservoir is water storage for the city of Denver.