Leave No Trace

Protect this special place for the future by always using Leave No Trace techniques and following all special Wilderness restrictions including:

  • Camping – Wilderness appropriate campsites are previously impacted sites, at least 100 feet from trails, lakes and streams. 
  • Fires – Campfires need to be at least 100 feet from streams and trails. Within ¼ mile of lakes are “stove only” zones and campfires are not allowed. Please refrain from having campfires near or above tree-line, or in areas without dead and down firewood. 
  • Human Waste and Trash – Poop and litter is piling up in popular destinations. Do your part, pack out all trash (DO NOT BURN) and consider packing out your poop to prevent sanitation issues. 
  • Dogs – Pets are required to be on a leash to protect wildlife, other visitors experience and your privilege to have them with you.